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The surest way to drive your business and lifestyle forward is by optimizing the profitable environment of Mobile Marketing.

MagicSMS is an approved, accredited and leading mobile marketing and GSM Information Service Provider. This simply means that we have the experience, the expertise, the creativity and the business associates to facilitate and develop integrated solutions to allow for the promotion of customer loyalty, brand awareness and various other Value Added Services.

In doing so, it provides our clients, partners and associates the privileged position of being able to remain at the cutting edge of international and local technologies and trends. MagicSMS specializes in providing mobile messaging tools that empowers everyone to market and communicate directly to targeted audiences

   If you are looking for mobile service support, then you are at the right place...

     We manage to offer our clients the entire range of mobile business services:

Premium Rated SMS & Mobile Billing     Mobile Marketing and Bulk SMS

Application Development                     Content Distribution

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