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Premium Rated SMS's are SMS's that are originated by the consumer (End user) and sent to a Premium Rated SMS Short Code.
When the consumer sends an SMS to a Premium Rated SMS Short Code number and depending on which range it is in, the consumer is charged the relevant cost for that SMS. There are different payment bands for these SMS's. The Range is as follows:

R1.. R1.50.. R2.. R3.. R5.. R7.50.. R10.. R15.. R20.. R25. R30

The Mobile Networks pay MagicSMS a certain percentage of the revenue generated by these premium SMS's. MagicSMS enters into "Joint Venture's" with our partners and clients for Larger National Premium SMS campaigns and the revenue generated from these campaigns is then split on a predetermined basis.
MagicSMS provides a Premium Rated SMS Short Code to each client with every Premium SMS campaign. These Premium Rated SMS Short Codes (for example 35959) greatly enhance the benefit of SMS for consumers, mainly because these short 5-digit codes are so easy to remember and also because they are able to be used across all three networks.
MagicSMS can configure these Premium Rated SMS Short Codes to your specification and pricing can be set to according to your needs. Also, MagicSMS host the servers and run the total campaign for and on behalf of our clients. Setting up a Premium Rated SMS Short Code campaign is fairly easy and full audit trails of every transaction are available in real time. So all our clients have to do is concentrate on BUILDING THEIR BRAND!

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