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1. Why must I use an opt-out mechanism when sending a bulk sms?

MagicSMS' Bulk SMS platform is a cost effective marketing technology for attracting clients and raising customer loyalty.

Essentially, Bulk SMS is when MagicSMS sends an informative and useful sms text message to hundreds or maybe even thousands of your customers, members or staff at the same time. Bulk messaging is commonly used by media companies, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, alerts, reminders, competitions, advertising and mobile marketing.

However, following on from that, please keep in mind that Bulk SMS Marketing is permission-based marketing. This means that you may only send Bulk SMS messages to people who have allowed you to do so.

Study revealed that 61% of respondents believe it is extremely important to be able to opt in/out of receiving promotional sms material and 55% felt that promotions should come from a company or brand they have used before. So it seems most consumers’ requirements are pretty straightforward and obvious. Don’t spam me and make sure I can get off your list!

Research confirms and underlines the importance of marketers using an unsubscribe option on their Bulk SMS campaigns. Not only do consumers feel that being able to get off a list is important, but it is also a legal requirement for companies to include an opt out.

According to current South African legislation, the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and WASPA (Wireless Application Service Provider’s Association) codes of conduct, each SMS must contain an option to opt out of the contact list or campaign, usually worded as: (Reply STOP to opt out) or (rmv rply NO) or something along those lines.

Other legislation, such as the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information Bill), also govern elements of SMS marketing, such as delivery times, data and contact list usage and more.

MagicSMS adheres strictly to all governing body regulations, codes of conduct and legislation governing the application of databases, contact lists and bulk SMS advertising. Therefor, companies who ignore the rules are not only potentially alienating their customer base but also could find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

So YES, the rules are quite clear “...give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving further marketing messages each time.”

2. How long is a Standard SMS?

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